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I can't get altus to recognize the license file
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you cannot get the Altus to recognize the license file keep in mind these things.

If you have node locked license:

Are you trying to access the altus from a non local drive. Is your home directory served through LDAP or Active Directory? If so a floating license is probably right for you.

A node locked license operating through a home directory served by ldap or active directory will not source correctly as there will be conflicting mac address assignments.

If you have a floating license:

Do you have the environment variables set correctly?

There are two env variables that need to be set altus_PATH and altus_LICENSE altus_PATH should point to the path that the altus binary exists on and altus_LICENSE should point to the port@ipaddress domain or hostname of the license server that you are operating .

For all licenses the mac address that is being used by the system is the one that you should be referencing when you reply to the initial licensing email.

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