Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Prerequisites
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Minimum memory required on a graphics device is 2.5GB. This number is dependent on frame size currenlty, 2.5GB is for 2k square imagery.

Altus has two main binaries

CUDA and OpenCL

For CUDA we currently only support windows.
To run altus on your nvidia graphics card you will need to have drivers that support CUDA 7.0 at least.

For OpenCL:

For both linux and windows users:
The generalizes runtime from amd should cover almost all hardware.

The intel runtime driver truncates Floats to Halfs, use of this runtime could create results that are not desirable.

Follow this link to install OpenCL runtime drivers for the Intel chipset.

If you are a linux user and you prefer open source drivers the Beignet opencl drivers are available in most repositories.

You can follow this link:

Ubuntu has beignet available in their repositories.

For Ubuntu 15.xx run:
sudo apt-get install beignet

For AMD hardware please make sure that you have an up to date catalyst driver

To run openCL on nvidia hardware please make sure that the cuda toolkit or the most recent driver is installed.

The known limitations of OpenCL with nvidia hardware are as follows:
Fermi cards and lower do not support OpenCL and will not run.

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