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3d Application Scripts and Documentation
Last Updated 2 years ago

These scripts are a proof of concept for users to generate scene files and aovs for use with the Altus. Currenlty support for this script has been discontinued, you are welcome to download and modify it to your needs.

Please download and reference the readme to set up the script for use.

Maya python script for Vray ( Available in article attachments )
Maya python script for Arnold ( Available in article attachments )

Maya python script README ( Available in article attachments )

This script is provided and maintained by the chaos group ltd.
Original Author: Emanuele (lele) Lecchi

3ds Max Vray Script ( Available in article attachments )

Provided by Corona render
Corona documentation ( Available in article attachments )

Mental ray documentation to create inputs for the Altus.
Mental Ray Documentation ( Available in article attachments )

Seed Change

Still Image
The b0 and b1 passes must be rendered as two separate frames.

Render one set (animation sequence for b0 passes) with Sample Lock ON. Render the other set (animation sequence for b1 passes) with Sample Lock OFF.


  • Diffuse Material Color (for Altus’s albedo pass)
  • Object Normal (for Altus’s normal pass)
  • World Position (for Altus’s worldspace position pass)
  • Raw Shadow (is the inverse of shadow pass for Altus’s visibility pass (use Vray in Altus Standalone GUI))
See downloadable notes on Support -> Documentation -> F) Other Renderer User Guides for more information.

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